Minutes - March 1st 2006

Wednesday 1stMarch 2006, Content and Editing group.
(Secretary- Stella)

 Surveys were distributed to part-time media class. There were expressions of interest in submitting work and feedback on mag.
 Mission statement was established in order to focus the group on a common goal.
 Katherine contacted HMV music in order to get CD’s for reviews, suggested to them that we call them: HMV REVIEWS
 Email addresses were created for wave mag submissions: password AND for the creative writing comp: password: tafemag
 Jane and Laura picked up remaining surveys from crystal street
 The group formulated two Qualatative research questions and Tania surveyed a small % of students asking; What is your fav mag? What would you like to see in the mag?
 Katherine edited and confirmed writing comp poster and copyright.
 Layout team were told to develop logo for wave mag.
 TAFE language students were given surveys to be picked up next week, also asked them for expressions of interest.
 It was brought to our attention that language students tend to be older and therefore will require different content.
 Luke formulated a way to group the surveys and establish results.
 “Call for submissions” poster was made and put up.
 Draft of content poster was made.

Sue's suggestions

Sue gave us suggestions today in class for feature articles or maybe just a short article to put into the mag.
these are suggestions for anyone in the class to pick up if they're interested.


Cooks river interpretive tours.

The marrickville council (the council petersham is under) holds walking tours around the cooks river for free throughout march and april. It could be a really nice idea if one of us went out on one of these tours and wrote about's meant to be a great place, rich with cultural history etc.

bookings are required.
For info and to register call Marrickville council on 9335 2222

The dates are as follows

Sunday 12 march 9am to 11.15am Childrens walking tour- designed for parents and children, exploring the surrounds of the river. Starts at Steel park cafe, marrickville.

Sunday 19 March 10am to 12noon Sweet and Sour history and photo tour- A tour which compares old photographs with current Cooks River locations. starts sugar mill, canterbury.

Sunday 2 April 2pm to 4.30 pm Tales of Tempe tour- Tempe's rich history- Starts sydney bus and truck museum.

Saturday 8 April 2pm to 4.30pm Cooks River: Past, Present, Future- past communitues and future communities- starts tempe station car park.

Sunday 23 April 9am to 12 noon Discovering your neighbourhood- explores cook river- starts tempe station car park.

Saturday 29 April 2pm to 4.30pm cooks River: Past, Present, Future

Sunday 30 April 9am to 12 noon Human Impacts on the cooks river- sustainability and history walking tour- starts tempe station car park (This one would be GREAT if anyone wants to do an environmental piece)



The Muse
(building C) Ultimo College
Guest speaker, music, entertainment and refreshments

This one should be very interesting, if you are thinking of writing an article about women or womens issues this may be a good place to get inspiration, research or an angle.
Sue's going, it sounds like it could be fun.

For info on it call Chamaine Zheng on 9217 3780 or Allison La Spina on 9217 4620
or maybe  talk to sue about it.


Luke has shown interest in something sue also mentioned today, which was the IGA recruitment for young aboriginals that they will hold every thursday at Crystal Street for 6 weeks starting from today.
If anyone else knows anything more about this, please send him the info. :)

Tania also sent out the qualitative research results and us content editors should have all our content research done by next week. YaY! Which also means that we should have whats actually going to be the main content topics of the magazine, which also means everybody can start considering this, like the visual team can start considering what kind of images they think would look good in each section and the layout team might be able to consider how they want to integrate all the subjects or how much space they want to devote to each etc. 

also, on the news front, sue told the class on wednesday (for those who weren't there...if any) that the first mag is almost ready to be issued. A special thanks goes out to the LAYOUT team for all your hard work. It's so exciting (well i think it is anyway) that we will actually have something to refer to soon.

Peter ALSO informed us today that the mag may be up for a name change according to my class last term fought her hard to change it and she didn't budge an I dont know where everybody else stands but i'd like to see the next mag with a different name. Especially because WAVE magazine already exists, and is very popular and may cause a huff  (we are in the media after all and copyright is one of the major issues when working in the media). Thats my own opinion though, what does everyone else think? Another side that Katherine brought up is it may cause too much trouble to have to change it, which may be true.  Post your thoughts!!!! !!! !!!!!

Anways, I hope you guys have a great weekend. See you next week! :D


Content QUEENS- first two meetings

Welcome to our new blog guys!! I've made it so you can reply anonymously if you wish, but I encourage you to get your own it's interesting and fun. :)

In other news-
These are the minutes from our first two meetings. All you have to click on is the BLUE pencil link adjacent to the title to reply with questions or ideas or whatever.

Wednesday, 15 February 2006, Content and Editing Group!
(Secretary- Katherine)

• When guest speakers come to TAFE we have to organise to have them interviewed and photographed (Sue’s suggestion).
• Luke is our liaison guy!
• We need to ask Matt if he’d be willing to donate some of his cartoons for a TAFE comic strip.

• We decided on a qualitative survey (keep it simple so people are more likely to answer it and the results are easier to tally).
• We are going to speak with all the head teachers from Petersham and make them help us distribute surveys to students (it is for the students after all).
• We need to find out what courses are at Petersham so we can get a good ratio of respondents (we can check this one off).
• Needs to be easy to read and understand

Ideas for Content


- General TAFE news
- Course info
- News features

Cover story:
- Feature

- reviews (movies, theatre, gigs, CDs, books)
- What’s On (Night spots, gig guide)

- Budget for the student
- General finance (5 year plan for young people etc)

- Opinion feature

- Where to go no a lunch break
- Success stories (Zimmerman etc)
- Romance (competition for free dinner ;)

- General Sports News
- Sports features

- Cooking
- Health feature

- Win a dinner!
- Free CD giveaways

- Funny horoscopes (not true)


Puzzles: (this one was actually suggested by Jess, but she could have something!)
- Sudoku
- Crosswords
- Word Jumble

Things we need to thing about:
• Assigning roles to individuals in our group
• Ensuring ALL areas are covered
• Keeping extensive notes so you can compile data

Wednesday, 22 February 2006, Content and Editing Group
(Secretary- Tania)

Goals of the day:

- Distribute the surveys to Crystal St. campus (Laura and Jane)
- Complete a cover page (Stella and Kara)
New Ideas for Content:

- A creative writing competition
- A theme for the short story was discussed - ‘Shoe’ perhaps?
- Word limit – between 700 and 1500 words
- The winners will be published in the magazine as part of a creative section including poems etc.
- As well as win a fantastic prize
- CDs, book vouchers?
- (Yet to be announced)
- Places for the creative writing comp to be advertised; at the other Sydney Institute Campuses:
- Randwick, Ultimo, St George, Petersham, Sutherland

- Idea for a quiz section; ‘What kind of student are you?’

- Have a similar comp for Enmore design students; to design the front and back cover pages of magazine.
Outcomes of the day:
- Cover sheet completed
- To be attached to surveys informing students and teachers of what the surveys were for, and how the information gathered will be used to determine the content of the magazine.
- Surveys were distributed on the Crystal St. campus, and several were filled out.
- Preferences of content are beginning to take shape.

Methods of Research

Qualitative VS Quantitative

Qualitative: distinctions based on quality/character/nature/degree standard of excellence
- Action research
- Research in the field
- Interviews
- Histories
- Observations
- Stratified sampling

Quantitative: involving or relating to size
i.e. amount/mass
- A specified or definite amount
- An aspect of anything that can be measured (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
- A large or considerable amount
RELIABILITY – SAMPLING – to control bias
- Random sampling
- Volunteer
- Multi stage
- Cluster
- Quota – (market research)
- Snow ball

HYPOTHESIS – What do students want from magazine (content)?

Note: May I just say that you both did an awesome job at taking notes. :D
If you have any suggestions about this blog, the way it looks etc? Please let me know here. :D

Also, I was hoping that maybe i could get mug shots of each of you to make a banner, which we can put as the header of this page or on the info page, just to personalise it a little. And if you think I should add anything to the info page, also let me know.

Thats it. This place is open to post any ideas you have, to correspond with each other in an easy way without having to be at TAFE.

Anywho, have a good one. ;)